I am a software engineer with over 17 years experience in applications integration and development including programming, web technologies, and automation. In this business you have to love learning and trying out new things and making them work. The trick is to know where to look for solutions; since you can’t learn and know everything in the vast realm of technology you have to be able to target the technology to the need. Sometimes you may not even know what the technology options are. And then you have to figure out how to use the technology to satisfy the demand. That’s what make this such a dynamic business. As an engineer filling the need is always a challenging puzzle and there’s nothing like the satisfaction of putting together an elegant solution.

This is the site of my blog where I will experiment with some technologies that interest me. In fact, this is being hosted on one of my experiments: a web server on Linux running from home. Why? Cuz I can! I anticipate working with some of the web technologies in the coming weeks and months. So check back to see where it goes.