Setting Up A Web Server On Ubuntu At Home

This is the first of what I anticipate will be a several part blog how to set up a real web server from home. I set one up a few weeks ago and have it running (this very blog is hosted on it) and now I am going to set up another bigger better server and replace the older server that is in place now. As such, I want to capture the process to document it and provide the instructions for anyone who wants to do the same.
Here are my parameters:
I am using an older HP Proliant
I’ll reOS it with Ubuntu 16.04
I’ll install Apache, PHP, MySql
Once it is running as localhost, I’ll configure it to use dynamic DNS to be available to the rest of the world

I am not sure how these will break out yet as far as installments into the how to blog instructions but we’ll take it a step at a time.

Why? you ask… because I can and it’s cool and fun — what other reason would you want to do something so geeky?

Check back for progress as I find the time to do and post the steps.

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