Happy New Year!

It’s the beginning of a new year and with that come resolutions.  Now it’s true most folks abandon their New Year’s resolutions right around that second aspirin on New Year’s Day so my resolutions are pretty simple and they represent things I’ll actually want to do: read books, learn stuff, and… this — fill out my blog.

I am setting a goal of 1 professional book every 2 months for 6 books this year.  That should give me time to really absorb them and bounce back from the pounding each promises to be. Here are the books I want to read:

Clean Code by Robert C. Martin
Real-World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C# by Tomas Petricek
Applying UML And Patterns by Craig Larman (actually re-read)
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma
Softskills by John Somnez
Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction by Steve McConnell



My learning goal is to learn functional programming.  As you may have noted one of my books is about functional programming which I will start in on after the book I am now working on, Clean Code.  I also want to become proficient in front end development, PHP, Javascript, HTML/CSS.  While those aren’t new to me, I have only worked in them in a small way and it has been too long.

As to my blog, well here it is.  It is mainly for me; a tool, a place where I can grow my thoughts, solutions, discoveries — if it becomes something that informs others, so much the better.  Don’t know where this will go, so we’ll see where it takes me.

As a software developer, as anyone in technology, one must continue to strive to learn and stay fresh.  And while that may seem like a burden, it just may be the blessing of the calling because, unlike many other career paths where one can get into a rut, that really isn’t an option for this biz.  So the tech person has to stay learning, has to stay growing, has to stay fresh — that’s the nature of the job.


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